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It’s a Dog’s Life

I got my first sheltie in 1993 and my fourth in 2013.  I have only adopted adult dogs and have had some wonderful old dogs.  Here is a glimpse of my dogs’ lives:

Dec 2000 Misty and Celie

Celie, Misty, Rhonda & Fred

Dixie Dec 2001


and March 2002

dixie nap

Chip June 2002

chip 6-28-02

and  June 2005


Lola Nov 2013

ivie and lola in yard

Lola and Daisy  Nov 2013


© rw 2013

September may mean fall in some areas, but us Labor Day weekend means the Decatur Book Festival.  We were lucky to be near the gazebo when the hard rain shower came.  Our fairy friend joined us!


Michaelmas at WSA was a sunny, beautiful day!

ivie at michaelmas

We had a bus full of hot, sweaty kids after our field trip to Etowah Mounds.

etowah ivie

So now at mid-October we are wearing long sleeves, but have them pushed up for a zoo visit.

ivie at zoo

This year was the third for our class at the sweet potato harvest for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  This year they dug 880 pounds of sweet potatoes and picked 4 bushels of black-eyed peas!

c ivie

Painting the base coat on a paper mache pumpkin.  The teaser photo on pinterest looked so neat.   I just used our glue/water mix for the paper mache and we didn’t get on nearly as many layers as recommended in the tutorial.


I have been wanting to make Catrina dolls for DOTD, but couldn’t find a tutorial that worked for me.  So I just made it up!    I used sculpey for the heads and stuck in the pipe cleaner before baking.


I considered trying to paint they eyes and mouth, but the markers were so easy!


Long pieces of tissue paper layered and folded accordion style make a nice dress and hat.


The black lace made a neat shawl and covered the torsos.  At first I thought I’d need mod podge to make the skirts stiff enough to stand, but they do ok without it.


The pumpkin carving party!


My little mouse.

ivie and ghery

She got to keep 10 pieces of candy from her trick-or-treat bag.  The Switch Witch brought a couple of books, a dvd, a skull necklace, but managed to make the jack-o-lantern clown.  I’d been eyeing it after seeing it on pinterest.

switch witch 2013 -

We had two neat violin events this fall.  We have been going to Los Bravos since Ivie was a tot and have gotten to know the mariachi band a bit.  When they were without a violin because a band member was stuck in traffic, Ivie pitched in to help.  Their full size violin seemed so huge to her!

ivie mariachi

Ivie’s violin teacher has been encouraging us to have an End Of Book 1 recital for family/friends.  So when First E announced they were having a DOTD reception after the Oct 27 service, I thought what a great opportunity to have her play the some book 1 songs with a piano, food and a receptive audience already in place.  Having Ben accompany on the piano was such an amazing treat!

ben and ivie

© RW 2013

The third definition that Merriam Webster has for desk is:

: a table, counter, stand, or booth at which a person works

So, if play is the work of childhood, then playstands were definitely Ivie’s first desk.   My dad made the 2 playstands and the canopy pieces for Ivie when she was two.

july 2007- painted face and playstand

And then she grew.   We took out some of the bars so she could use the playstand and not hit her head.  Eventually the canopy had to go, the stands were pushed together to hold toys and she moved into an old school desk.

little desk

I spent many a year in one of these desks and have no memory of them being especially comfortable.   Well when your legs grow like weeds, this desk is soon too small.

ivie in big desk

So now here we are in a desk with a chair.  The top lifts to reveal storage space for paper, pencils and such.  I think this will last us for quite a while.  🙂

©rw 2013


We are very fortunate to have so many cool activities this summer!

-building guitar

IMG_1359cigar box guitar

-jammin’ with friends

ivie and aidan

-petting alligators

petting a gator

-photographing nature


-viewing the super moon

super moon

-raising tadpoles (one of our frogs is on the leaf)

baby frog

-attending theatre


©rw 2013

Spring 2013

The weeks leading up to the end of school were a fast ride of non-stop events!


I couldn’t resist posing the sword fighting photo in view of one of the beautiful buildings at Oglethorpe U.  Shakespeare’s birthday was a wonderful event.

CPA museum

While everything is fun when you are wearing your Animal t-shirt, it is especially great when you go on a Life and Legacy of Jim Henson tour at the Center for Puppetry Arts.


Since Grade 3 played their recorders at the school May Fair, it made sense to have a few flower fairies playing recorders on our Nature Table.

ivie at bakesale

Our local paper education writer did a story on how busy the month of May can be for school kids.  With a bake sale, a concert and recitals, we really were on-the-go for May.  whew!


We did get the wonderful opportunity to watch a pair of wrens build a nest in an empty bee hive.  The photo above with the baby birds and the one below with the almost empty nest were taken less than 10 days apart.

lap blankets

We even had a Craft Hope deadline in May.  It took many hands to make these lap blankets for Project 21.

Now we are in our first week out of school.  With camps, classes, fun library events and a short trip, it looks to be a great summer!

© rw 2013

Spring has sprung

The weather has given us a slow march to spring, so we have had to create a little of the spring magic on our own this year.  We begin with the shedding of the beard.  Ivie gets to help cut the first layer. 


After working on her outdoor fairy garden, Ivie left out some treats (dried fruit and pink lemonade) for the fairies to enjoy on the Spring Equinox. 


They showed their gratitude by leaving a sweet pendant in her shoe for her to find the next morning. 


 The easter bunny’s helpers worked so very hard making bunnies for baskets this year. 


The hand puppets are based on the tutorial by Purlbee.  The sachets are from Craft Passion.   The knit bunnies are from Little Cotton Rabbits.   The plush bunny is based on the pattern from Chez Beeper Bebe.   The applique on the t-shirt is just the simplest  bunny silhouette that I could find on google images. 


We were even prepared for the cold snap in late March with new fleece ponchos.   What fun at Fabric World!


Inspired by the lovely eggs I saw at Blue Girl, I made some egg pouches for Grade 3.   While they do look cute on their own, all piled together gives them what I call the ‘Enchantment Shop effect’.  If you make 25 of most anything, it looks good! 


The final school event before Spring Break is the annual Grandparents and Loved Ones Day.  Ivie proudly shows off her main lesson books to her Grandma. 

gplod 2013

Spring also gave time for me to make my first and ninth bib for Craft Hope’s project 20: Hope for China


So now the Nature Table Spring flower fairies are enjoying a bright spring break bounty!



© rw 2013

To get us started, we read Brigid’s Cloak which is a close rendition of the play the children performed last year in their study of Saints. 

Of course, we could not go a year without reading a family favorite story of the Goddess Brigit from Circle Round.   The Well and the Flame is a great story that weaves in caring for people and caring for the earth. 

We have rolled lots of candles at our house, but this year was our first go at home candle dipping.  We invited a sweet friend to join and had a marvelous time! 


The candles turned out great and made a good addition to our ‘sun’ cakes on Imbolc morning!  Even though our GA groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, we see the sun growing stronger! 

© rw 2013