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As we FALL to the end of the year

September may mean fall in some areas, but us Labor Day weekend means the Decatur Book Festival.  We were lucky to be near the gazebo when the hard rain shower came.  Our fairy friend joined us!


Michaelmas at WSA was a sunny, beautiful day!

ivie at michaelmas

We had a bus full of hot, sweaty kids after our field trip to Etowah Mounds.

etowah ivie

So now at mid-October we are wearing long sleeves, but have them pushed up for a zoo visit.

ivie at zoo

This year was the third for our class at the sweet potato harvest for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  This year they dug 880 pounds of sweet potatoes and picked 4 bushels of black-eyed peas!

c ivie

Painting the base coat on a paper mache pumpkin.  The teaser photo on pinterest looked so neat.   I just used our glue/water mix for the paper mache and we didn’t get on nearly as many layers as recommended in the tutorial.


I have been wanting to make Catrina dolls for DOTD, but couldn’t find a tutorial that worked for me.  So I just made it up!    I used sculpey for the heads and stuck in the pipe cleaner before baking.


I considered trying to paint they eyes and mouth, but the markers were so easy!


Long pieces of tissue paper layered and folded accordion style make a nice dress and hat.


The black lace made a neat shawl and covered the torsos.  At first I thought I’d need mod podge to make the skirts stiff enough to stand, but they do ok without it.


The pumpkin carving party!


My little mouse.

ivie and ghery

She got to keep 10 pieces of candy from her trick-or-treat bag.  The Switch Witch brought a couple of books, a dvd, a skull necklace, but managed to make the jack-o-lantern clown.  I’d been eyeing it after seeing it on pinterest.

switch witch 2013 -

We had two neat violin events this fall.  We have been going to Los Bravos since Ivie was a tot and have gotten to know the mariachi band a bit.  When they were without a violin because a band member was stuck in traffic, Ivie pitched in to help.  Their full size violin seemed so huge to her!

ivie mariachi

Ivie’s violin teacher has been encouraging us to have an End Of Book 1 recital for family/friends.  So when First E announced they were having a DOTD reception after the Oct 27 service, I thought what a great opportunity to have her play the some book 1 songs with a piano, food and a receptive audience already in place.  Having Ben accompany on the piano was such an amazing treat!

ben and ivie

© RW 2013

Martinmas preparations at Grade 3 Waldorf

To say I’m behind on posting is such an understatement!  We have had an unwelcome cold/flu/lingering cough visitor in our home for the past 2 months.  All 3 of us have had it.  So please bear with me as I try to catch up. 

Oh how lovely is the evening!   

I had been using Ivie’s violin lesson as a 30 minute knitting of finger puppets.  So when I saw the little lantern children from the Lothians on pinterest, I thought I could adapt my finger puppet to the table doll. 

I walk about with my Lantern

I made one for the Grade 3 class, one for a neighbor and one for us to keep.  I used recycled sweater felt for the capes and it seemed to work fine. 

Glimmer lantern Glimmer! 

I’ve been collecting lantern ideas for months and finally settled on a style that somewhat resembles the tin lantern in Farmer Boy.   Our teacher agreed and so I set about collecting 25 of the bit #10 cans.  Thanks Ava

High and blue the sky

The children drew designs on their cans and then I filled the cans with water and froze them.  The ice provides support and makes it easier and safer to nail holes. 

Rise up oh flame!

It took 2 sessions to get all the lanterns hammered — and the second session was a cold, rainy morning.  But the children persevered and Grade 3 proudly carried their sturdy lanterns through the woods on our Lantern Walk. 

Dona Nobis Pacem

A girl, a doll and their lanterns!   We couldn’t resist making a lantern for the doll as well, but she uses a “pretend” votive candle. 


© rw 2012

Fall leaves, Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations

Fall at our Waldorf school is a busy season, this year with a grade 3 camping trip and sweet potato harvest has been especially active.  However, we have made time for the important things of celebrating fall holidays, spending time with friends and frolicking in the leaves.   You can see a peek of my kid’s red shirt.  

And at Lil’s annual pumpkin carving, our skills are definitely getting better as she handles a more complex carving. 

Fred grew both the pumpkins we carved this year.  The white one made for a nice face . . . tilted a bit though!

After a night of Trick or Treating and distributing candy Ivie selected 8 pieces to keep (one for each year) and left the rest out.  The Switch Witch left 3 Ore Gnomes as a gift for the bowl of candy.   The trike was a thrift store find that I’ve been saving for the right occasion.  The ore gnomes seem perfect for it. 

I fell in love with these ore gnomes and am grateful that Christine was so generous to share the pattern in the Fall 2010 Living Crafts magazinelook mom, no hands!

For Day of the Dead, we joined in an altar creation and celebration at First E and then enjoyed a sweet story in English & Spanish with friends.     

Gift For Abuelita / Un regalo para Abuelita: Celebrating the Day of the Dead/En celebracion del Dia de los Muertos (Multilingual Edition)

©rw 2012

Michaelmas week in Grade 3 waldorf

In my daughter’s class, families take turns bringing in flowers or greenery each week.  I signed up for Michaelmas week because I thought it would be fun to send in a dragon-looking Bird of Paradise flower and that it would pair well with my first transparency. 

I’ve seen so many beautiful transparencies in books and on pinterest and I’m thinking they would make good use of the stack of beautifully colored tissue paper that is overflowing my shelf.   I looked for a transparency that relied more on the cardstock thinking it would be sturdier for my first try.  So I decided to model this Michaelmas transparency from crunchy family rising for my first venture into this form. 

The flower will continue to open this week as the class prepares for their special grade 3 dance presentation at the school Michaelmas celebration this Friday.   Hopefully this Michaelmas transparency will enjoy hanging out in a sunny window in the grade 3 classroom. 

I have plans for a light box and many more tissue paper ‘drawings’ to come! 

©rw 2012

Puppets completed!

It was late last night when I added the flowers to her hair, but all four main characters are done!  Three of the 4 scenes are done with the last curtain to be completed early next week.  We will also construct the hard set (to hang the curtain) next week. 

The Faerie Hall is made from a light purple curtain with emerald green wool faerie silhouettes.  Here is the Faerie Hall that Elizabeth made:

 The story text says “They stroked the cat, they milked the cow, they fed each chick and hen.” and then “She tracked past horse and cow and hen.”  Here is the Farmyard scene that Ivie wants to hang in her room after the puppet show:

Here is the young Child of Faerie and Child of Earth.  They will have their official pre-show publicity photo made on Tuesday.  Thanks Lindsey

And then we have the old friends meeting on a bench while autumn leaves fall around them:

Here is a full shot of the older couple.  It kind of reminds me of the scenes in When Harry Met Sally

We have just 2 weeks till we do the show for our families on Oct 30 and then just a couple more till we do the show for WSA’s Holiday Fair.   Even after spending so much time working on the dolls, I have not grown tired of the story – – – Child of Faerie, Child of Earth by Jane Yolen. 

I’ll add the Dusk Scene photo to this post next week.

Wednesday, Oct 19:  Kristin did an amazing job on the Dusk Scene! 

Fred did a great job on the stands for the curtain sets.  The 2 stands are 50″ tall.  This will allow for the curtains to hang just to reach a small riser (crates covered with black cloth).   The stands and the curtain rod are separate pieces which makes for easier set-up and break-down. 

© rw 2011

Making items for others

I’ve hooked up with a few groups this summer:

I joined Craft Hope and sent 10 stocking for their Christmas in Dixie Project

I joined a Sending Love Heart Swap through Natural Surburbia and sent a heart bag, a journal, a gnome page-hugger bookmark (inspired by Wee Folk Art ) and a rose quartz wrapped in a vintage rose hankie.


And for Bits of Goodness, I participated in the Summer Swap.  I sent my Famous Frogs and some cool birds from a Myrtle & Eunice pattern. 

And the Rainbow Swap.  I sent the rainbow and the pot of gold (gold is beeswax balm).

And the Fall Nature Table Swap.  I sent bunnies and carrots. 

And the Halloween Swap. I sent bats. 

And the Mermaids Swap.  I combined 2 doll patterns on this to make an easier mermaid. 

I’ve also joined a Fairy Tale Swap through Bits of Goodness.  It is a 1:1 swap and the items are bigger and more complex as compared to our usual ‘bits’ for the group swaps.   I’ve picked out a story and started working on the figures so that my partner will be able to tell the story to her kids with beautiful table puppets as illustrations. 

Swaps are a great way to use up materials, meet folks from all over the world and I receive items back that are beautiful and lovingly made! 

© rw 2011

Puppet Progress

They are not finished, but I just want to give you a peek at this photogenic crew! 

The clothes are just pinned on (benefit of working with dolls over people) and the grey roving hair is not sewed yet.  I have just been so eager to see the 2 couples.  Look inside Child of Faerie, Child of Earth and see how convincing these guys are as the young and older versions of the main characters. 

The doll heads are the basic “waldorf” formed heads that are illustrated in many books, but the clothes come from my treasured copy of Kinder Dolls.    It is worth hunting for this book, just for the chapter on making doll clothes! 

So watch for the finished puppets soon and then I can start wrapping my head around making the set.   Remember, these puppets will make their public appearance at the Waldorf School of Atlanta Holiday Fair on November 12.  Mark your calendars!  

ok, ok, just one more peek

This is going to be a great puppet show!


© rw 2011