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Spring has sprung

The weather has given us a slow march to spring, so we have had to create a little of the spring magic on our own this year.  We begin with the shedding of the beard.  Ivie gets to help cut the first layer. 


After working on her outdoor fairy garden, Ivie left out some treats (dried fruit and pink lemonade) for the fairies to enjoy on the Spring Equinox. 


They showed their gratitude by leaving a sweet pendant in her shoe for her to find the next morning. 


 The easter bunny’s helpers worked so very hard making bunnies for baskets this year. 


The hand puppets are based on the tutorial by Purlbee.  The sachets are from Craft Passion.   The knit bunnies are from Little Cotton Rabbits.   The plush bunny is based on the pattern from Chez Beeper Bebe.   The applique on the t-shirt is just the simplest  bunny silhouette that I could find on google images. 


We were even prepared for the cold snap in late March with new fleece ponchos.   What fun at Fabric World!


Inspired by the lovely eggs I saw at Blue Girl, I made some egg pouches for Grade 3.   While they do look cute on their own, all piled together gives them what I call the ‘Enchantment Shop effect’.  If you make 25 of most anything, it looks good! 


The final school event before Spring Break is the annual Grandparents and Loved Ones Day.  Ivie proudly shows off her main lesson books to her Grandma. 

gplod 2013

Spring also gave time for me to make my first and ninth bib for Craft Hope’s project 20: Hope for China


So now the Nature Table Spring flower fairies are enjoying a bright spring break bounty!



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Eve Group 2011 Spring Equinox Celebration

Spring is the time to celebrate new life and a wonderful symbol of new life is the egg.  We decided to celebrate the Egg and the Hens that lay them by having a Chicken Birthday party.  (Our 4 girls just turned one!) 

We have been blowing and saving egg shells for months.  

Then we let the kids have fun with dye.

Now it is time for cake!  While the girls enjoyed eating the wheatgrass, they did not blow out the candle.  Thankfully we had lots of willing helpers!

Great photos from Lindsey at Linden Tree Photography.

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Eve 2011 Spring notes

The Eve Group shared ideas and came up with some fun activities for Spring 2011.  I’m pasting the notes from our planning below:

EVE Spring activities are noted in GREEN.  Please rsvp at least a week before each event so we will be sure to gather enough supplies. 

Spring Equinox/Ostara (March 20) day and night are equal and balanced. The Daughter comes forth. She is life itself that has been sleeping in the dark of winter. Now the sun wakes her up, as seeds awaken and growth begins in the warmth and rains of spring. The Goddess is the Maiden who returns, bringing Spring, and she is the magic hare who lays the egg of life.

Sunday, March 20, 2pm at Rhonda’s – Come by for a dye dip party!  On the Spring Equinox we will celebrate the Egg and the Girls that lay them.  We will have dye pots set up and blown eggs ready for dipping.   We will also celebrate the girls 1st birthday with a wheatgrass “cake”.   If you’d like to bring a little gift to honor the girls and the gifts they (and all hens) share with us, then maybe grab a little clump of wild onions or chickweed from your yard or even some leftover cooked rice or even some wilted lettuce from the fridge. 

Monday, March 28.  I’m placing order for Pysanky eggs – see note at end of pg2. 

**WSA spring break April 4-8**

Tuesday, April 12 after AM dropoff at Rhonda’s – Adult Wet Felting Eggs for Bunny Deliveries.    Maurie and I have had a practice session and now declare ourselves egg-sperts!   We have all the supplies: wooden molds, lovely roving, soap and hot water, so you can just come and felt and put $3 per egg you make in our jar.  If you have all the supplies and want company to lather, agitate & rinse, just come on along!

Saturday, April 23  Egg Hunt at Jen’s.  We will do a sweet spring gratitude ritual and then each child will hunt for treasure filled eggs.  More details to come. 

Easter week(Palm Sunday: April 17, Passover begins: April 19, Good Friday April 22, Easter April 24)

Thursday, April 28, 1-3pm at Rhonda’s we will make May Day Posies/Tussie Mussies.  Tapping into the wonderful traditions of flower lore, we will make some secret surprise flower gifts to be left on the door of a special friend or neighbor. 

Beltane/May Day  (May 1) the earth is fully awake and everything is blossoming. The Goddess and God become the lovers of all living things, and bless all forms of love. We honor all mothers who bring life into the world.

Memorial Day(May 31)

Last day of school (June 3)

Spring ideas for Home

So I was just reading in Celebrating The Great Mother about a family that leaves raisin ‘bunny droppings’ for their kids to follow to find Easter treasures.  That’s fine for them, but it just doesn’t top the Bunny tracks that Ivie is still talking about almost a year later!  It seems that the Bunny visits all our homes, but at Kristin’s house she leaves tracks!  She takes a couple of socks filled with powder and makes tracks around the house that show where the Bunny visited.   While the girls love the contents of their baskets and appreciate a family gift that comes as well, they are fascinated that “the bunny played with our dollhouse!” and “the bunny set the table for breakfast!”   Kristin, THANK YOU for this gift!

About Egg Dye – for the blown eggs we will just use the readily available (and cheap) stuff.  However, for ones you boil and eat there are some options for natural dyes.  Tons of websites give recipes for using beets, onion skins and berries and I have found a neat person on Etsy who makes dye kits.  Check out http://www.etsy.com/listing/42394046/all-natural-easter-egg-dye-kit .  Each kit makes at least 24 eggs and she can make more kits (& will combine shipping $).  I had to know how easy it is to do & had her send me the instructions, which I have pasted below: 

You don’t need boiling pots or long soak times for our egg dye kits. Here’s how they work: You can use either boiled eggs or blown eggs. The kit comes with 5 little bags of the dye powder (which we make using all-natural ingredients), and 5 small cups. Put the dye into the cups and add a small amount of vinegar, just enough to form a paste. Mix well, and then you can use your fingers to spread the dye onto the eggs. Let the dye sit on the eggs a few minutes, then gently wipe it off with a paper towel. No soaking involved; it’s really more like finger painting. The resulting colors are soft and natural.  

And for grass lovers – You can grow your own!  See instructions at http://www.livingcrafts.com/page/Free_Patterns scroll about halfway down the free pattern page.  Or you can follow along their Grass Grow-Along at http://www.livingcrafts.com/blog/spring/grass-grow-along-day-1

Easter books:  The Country Bunny and the little gold shoes by DuBose Hayward.  To me this is a must.   http://www.amazon.com/Country-Bunny-Little-Shoes-Charm/dp/0547144180/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1299448324&sr=1-1 

I also want to add a new book to the list.  Check out Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco.  This book was on a recommended reading list Ms Annie passed out at a parent evening.  We checked out a library copy often and finally got our own copy last year.  It has become a favorite at our house.  I’ve pasted a bit from the library summary below: 

Gr 1-3– Despite the differences in religion, sex, and race, Winston and Stewart Washington are young Patricia’s best friends, and she considers their grandmother, Miss Eula, a surrogate since her own “babushka” died.  On Sundays, she often attends Baptist services with her friends, and Miss Eula fixes a sumptuous fried chicken dinner with all the trimmings, after stopping to admire the hats in Mr. Kodinski’s shop. The youngsters hope to buy her one, but when they approach the merchant looking for work, he mistakenly accuses them of pelting his shop with eggs. To prove their innocence, the children hand-dye eggs in the folk-art style that Patricia’s grandmother had taught her and present them to the milliner. Moved by the remembrance of his homeland, the Russian Jewish émigré encourages the children to sell the “Pysanky” eggs in his shop and rewards their industry with a gift of the hat, which Miss Eula proudly wears on Easter Sunday.

 This is one of those books that continues to catch in my throat when I read it aloud.  As we keep this treasured tale for years to come at some point Ivie will know why Mr. Kodinski  has numbers on his arm, but for now we enjoy hearing how the decorated eggs transform (resurrect even) a happiness that had been lost to him. 

So in honor of this story, I hope to order a couple of Pysanky eggs for Ivie’s basket.  http://www.ukrainian-n-things.com/pysanky1.htm  The egg prices are modest, but the shipping is a bit much for just 1-2 eggs (same shipping price for 1 or 12 eggs).  Would anyone like to go in with me for a group order?   I will place an order on Monday, March 28.

This material is copyrighted.  You may not use or alter any part of this material without the express written permission of Rhonda Wildman.