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Supporting cast of paper puppets

As promised, this week we will share adult and kid-friendly tutorials and patterns to expand your puppet play cast of characters.   Visit We Bloom Here today for the how-to on these sweet paper puppets. 

Remember, our puppet swap sign-ups end July 24th.  All the specifics on joining are waiting for you at this invitation

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Midsummer Eve 2012

There are more embellishments to come, but at least we got the basics of a Fairy Garden complete before Midsummer Eve. 

A shell is filled with water.  A grape is placed at the door of the house and a small handful of pine nuts waits on the table for the fairies that will be famished after their Solstice Celebrating. 

Our go-to Midsummer Story is from Elsa Beskow.  Do check out The Flowers’ Festival  if you have not already. 


© rw 2012

EVE 2011 Summer Harvest Gathering

I was a little bit nervous planning a garden event during the hottest week of the summer.  Would anyone come? 

Well they did and we had a wonderful time!  Amazingly, it stayed fairly cool and overcast while we were at the garden – yay!  After the kids picked a few vegetables, they left a little gratitude offering of corn meal/chickpea flour for Mother Earth.  There was a newly planted bed that had just been watered, so it was easy and fun to make stripes in the wet rows.  Thank you Fred for giving us the tour and letting the kids pick & wash.  Thank you Lindsey for hosting us after and making your delicious POPCORN!

Eve Group Harvest gathering – summer 2011

Whether you call it Lammas (Loaf Mass) that celebrates the ripening of the grains or Lughnasadh with the story of the harvest lord or whether you just call it August 1st, we will gather at the Tapestry WIC (farmer’s market nutrition) garden in Ormewood Park on Monday morning August 1, 2011. 

I’ll send out address and direction info on email, but wanted to give you a quick peek through the sunflowers at the cool garden! 

The tomato plants are taller than Ivie!

Fred will lead us through the garden and the kids will get to pick a few veggies.  Then we will head over to the Lingenfelter’s for a snack.

The garden is huge, but with some nice shade trees surrounding — just a perfect place to celebrate the harvest!