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I grind loudly

When you have done something for so long that it is just a part of your life, then it is easy to forget that is might be a novel thing for folks to hear.  I grind the wheat and make bread for my family.  I have been doing this for over 6 years. 

I buy organic hard red and hard white wheat in bulk.  I had been buying it in the 45 pound buckets, but this past year they offered it in 50 pound bags.  This will last for over a year of bread and muffin making.   The hard red has a bit more of a nutty flavor.  I use more of it in my muffins and use equal red & white in my bread.

During our 2 years in Ms Annie’s kindergarten class, I ground wheat each week for Bread Day.  I was happy to be able to help and proud to use my new grinder.   You can imagine my surprise after that first week when Ms Annie said my flour was too soft and the dough was too sticky for the kids.  Well the easy remedy was to use the coarse setting.  I use the coarse for bread and muffins  and save the finer settings (which wear out the grinder faster) for fancy treats. 

So, can you picture me standing in my kitchen kneading a huge mound of bread dough?  Well, I can’t!   I managed through a few times of hand kneading a single loaf, but I knew I wanted to make a bigger batch.  My dear, old KitchenAid tried to handle it, but she just wasn’t made to deal with 3 loaves of whole wheat.  So what’s a girl to do? 

I think the newer model is called Electrolux Assistant. I got this one from a breadmaker who had fallen in love with the Bosch mixer.  She chatted its praises while I smiled politely about the great deal I was getting on my new mixer! 

My mixer handles a double batch of my bread recipe (using about 8 cups of flour).  I get 3 loaves from this.   The rest of the ingredients are very simple.  I do use eggs in my recipe for extra protein.  Our girls are back in production after a long molting, so you can see the pretty green-blue from Rosie’s eggs.   Wondering about that cloudy liquid in the mason jar?  Well, it is potato water.

The trick of using potato water in bread came from my friend, Cyndi C.  It adds a little starch and makes the bread smooth.   I just freeze the leftover water from boiled potatoes in jars.  (yes, you can freeze glass.  just don’t fill more than 3/4 and tip the jar to creat more surface area.) 

Sandwich anyone? 

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