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procrastination is over

I am finally starting a blog!   And to commemorate my 1st post I am including a photo of the Spring Flower Fairy peg dolls that I am about to pop in the mail.  I am happy to participate in the Peg Doll exchange organized by Margaret at We Bloom Here.  I have much to learn about posting, but I am On For The Ride! 
These dolls were inspired by 2 poems.   Both of these verses are from A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme, a book of poems collected by Heather Thomas.  I have used the 1st poem, A Spring Song often with my flower fairies, but I also was captured by The Magic Piper! 

A Spring Song Anonymous

 See the yellow catkins cover

All the slender willows over;

And on the mossy banks so green

Starlike primroses are seen;

And their clustering leaves below

White and purple violets grow.

Hark, the little lambs are bleating

And the cawing rooks are meeting

In the elms, a noisy crowd;

And all birds are singing loud.

There, the first white butterfly

In the sun goes flitting by.  

The Magic Piper  –  E.L. Marsh

 There piped a piper in the wood

Strange music – soft and sweet –

And all the little wild things

Came hurrying to his feet.

They sat around him on the grass,

Enchanted, unafraid,

And listened, as with shining eyes

Sweet melodies he made.

The wood grew green, and flowers sprang up,

The birds began to sing;

For the music it was magic,

And the piper’s name was – Spring!