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Spring 2013

The weeks leading up to the end of school were a fast ride of non-stop events!


I couldn’t resist posing the sword fighting photo in view of one of the beautiful buildings at Oglethorpe U.  Shakespeare’s birthday was a wonderful event.

CPA museum

While everything is fun when you are wearing your Animal t-shirt, it is especially great when you go on a Life and Legacy of Jim Henson tour at the Center for Puppetry Arts.


Since Grade 3 played their recorders at the school May Fair, it made sense to have a few flower fairies playing recorders on our Nature Table.

ivie at bakesale

Our local paper education writer did a story on how busy the month of May can be for school kids.  With a bake sale, a concert and recitals, we really were on-the-go for May.  whew!


We did get the wonderful opportunity to watch a pair of wrens build a nest in an empty bee hive.  The photo above with the baby birds and the one below with the almost empty nest were taken less than 10 days apart.

lap blankets

We even had a Craft Hope deadline in May.  It took many hands to make these lap blankets for Project 21.

Now we are in our first week out of school.  With camps, classes, fun library events and a short trip, it looks to be a great summer!

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Spring has sprung

The weather has given us a slow march to spring, so we have had to create a little of the spring magic on our own this year.  We begin with the shedding of the beard.  Ivie gets to help cut the first layer. 


After working on her outdoor fairy garden, Ivie left out some treats (dried fruit and pink lemonade) for the fairies to enjoy on the Spring Equinox. 


They showed their gratitude by leaving a sweet pendant in her shoe for her to find the next morning. 


 The easter bunny’s helpers worked so very hard making bunnies for baskets this year. 


The hand puppets are based on the tutorial by Purlbee.  The sachets are from Craft Passion.   The knit bunnies are from Little Cotton Rabbits.   The plush bunny is based on the pattern from Chez Beeper Bebe.   The applique on the t-shirt is just the simplest  bunny silhouette that I could find on google images. 


We were even prepared for the cold snap in late March with new fleece ponchos.   What fun at Fabric World!


Inspired by the lovely eggs I saw at Blue Girl, I made some egg pouches for Grade 3.   While they do look cute on their own, all piled together gives them what I call the ‘Enchantment Shop effect’.  If you make 25 of most anything, it looks good! 


The final school event before Spring Break is the annual Grandparents and Loved Ones Day.  Ivie proudly shows off her main lesson books to her Grandma. 

gplod 2013

Spring also gave time for me to make my first and ninth bib for Craft Hope’s project 20: Hope for China


So now the Nature Table Spring flower fairies are enjoying a bright spring break bounty!



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our holiday season 2012

St. Nicholas left a little lavender doll and a clementine.


Santa’s helpers busy sewing ornaments.  I found a great santa pattern at revoluzzza


My angel in the grade 3 class play at the Waldorf School of Atlanta.

grade 3 class play

 The sun greeted us as we celebrated the winter Solstice. 

2012 winter solstice morning

We so appreciated all the hard work that went into making our nativity characters last year. 


A cold and windy day on Arabia Mountain.


 The wise men followed a star, we followed a line of cars to the ABG Holiday Lights. 

ivie fred and rhonda at abg lights jan 2 2013

And as soon as school started back, I finished my contribution to the Craft Hope Project 19. 

craft hope 19

I had initially thought of writing this post about all the things we missed having the flu/cough over the holidays, but after looking through these photos, I realize that we indeed had a full holiday season!  I’m grateful! 

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Martinmas preparations at Grade 3 Waldorf

To say I’m behind on posting is such an understatement!  We have had an unwelcome cold/flu/lingering cough visitor in our home for the past 2 months.  All 3 of us have had it.  So please bear with me as I try to catch up. 

Oh how lovely is the evening!   

I had been using Ivie’s violin lesson as a 30 minute knitting of finger puppets.  So when I saw the little lantern children from the Lothians on pinterest, I thought I could adapt my finger puppet to the table doll. 

I walk about with my Lantern

I made one for the Grade 3 class, one for a neighbor and one for us to keep.  I used recycled sweater felt for the capes and it seemed to work fine. 

Glimmer lantern Glimmer! 

I’ve been collecting lantern ideas for months and finally settled on a style that somewhat resembles the tin lantern in Farmer Boy.   Our teacher agreed and so I set about collecting 25 of the bit #10 cans.  Thanks Ava

High and blue the sky

The children drew designs on their cans and then I filled the cans with water and froze them.  The ice provides support and makes it easier and safer to nail holes. 

Rise up oh flame!

It took 2 sessions to get all the lanterns hammered — and the second session was a cold, rainy morning.  But the children persevered and Grade 3 proudly carried their sturdy lanterns through the woods on our Lantern Walk. 

Dona Nobis Pacem

A girl, a doll and their lanterns!   We couldn’t resist making a lantern for the doll as well, but she uses a “pretend” votive candle. 


© rw 2012

Michaelmas week in Grade 3 waldorf

In my daughter’s class, families take turns bringing in flowers or greenery each week.  I signed up for Michaelmas week because I thought it would be fun to send in a dragon-looking Bird of Paradise flower and that it would pair well with my first transparency. 

I’ve seen so many beautiful transparencies in books and on pinterest and I’m thinking they would make good use of the stack of beautifully colored tissue paper that is overflowing my shelf.   I looked for a transparency that relied more on the cardstock thinking it would be sturdier for my first try.  So I decided to model this Michaelmas transparency from crunchy family rising for my first venture into this form. 

The flower will continue to open this week as the class prepares for their special grade 3 dance presentation at the school Michaelmas celebration this Friday.   Hopefully this Michaelmas transparency will enjoy hanging out in a sunny window in the grade 3 classroom. 

I have plans for a light box and many more tissue paper ‘drawings’ to come! 

©rw 2012

Tiptoes story eggs

I have been inspired on this venture by 2 greats :  Hallie and Karen.   Thanks ladies! 

You know we love the Tiptoes stories!   We have read the stories at home and even managed to get our teacher hooked on these fabulous tales.   Thanks to some quick crafting, she is able to tell the stories with the help of  puppets.   Ivie’s basket on Sunday morning will have 3 new Tiptoes books – Eggs for the Hunting, Magic Knot & Big Stamp.   She will be thrilled!  Isn’t this book cover beautiful?

Story eggs have been on my to-do list since I saw Karen‘s beautiful ones for Tiptoes.  Then after being the lucky recipient of one of Hallie‘s eggs in a swap, I was determined to try my hand with my wood burner.  Well it does work on my hand!  I found that out on the first try – ouch!  

Well after much trepidation, I think these turned out ok for a first try.  They will join the Tiptoes books in Ivie’s basket. 

I burned the bunny (from Eggs for the Hunting) first.  I was so nervous about ruining one of my wooden eggs that I used one from last year’s wet felting that had spent some quality time in Lindsey’s purse, which is apparently where she keeps grape juice.  I love how it turned out & just wish you could see the cute tail! 

Next is Tiptoes with flowers with the sun above.

and then of course, I had to do her acorn house. 

Reg Down’s newest book  (just released today) will definitely be on our bookshelf soon.  I look forward to making a story egg of Sir Gillygad!

© rw 2012

Tiptoes for our class

In Ivie’s Grade 1 year, her teacher asked that children bring in a copy of a favorite book to give to the classroom on their birthday.  For Ivie, it was an easy selection – – – TIPTOES!  http://www.tiptoes-lightly.net/ 

Well of course, her class was enchanted by the stories, so when the end of school came around we gave her teacher 2 doll figures to have when she told the stories:  Pine Cone and Pepper Pot.

Now we are in Grade 2 and the stories are still a favorite with the kids.  Our teacher bought more of the books over the summer, and she also asked me about getting some of the other characters from the stories.  A couple of weeks ago we gave her a Tiptoes marionette which now hangs in the classroom.

Next I needed to make a Jeremy Mouse.  I had made mice before, but they had been the sewn ones from Feltcraft.  I needed my Jeremy to be upright and I loved the one Sara made that was posted on Tiptoes website.   One problem:  while I have knitted a few things, most of what I have done was in classes.  I had not read a pattern like this on my own.   I needed help.  Well a big thanks goes to our kind handwork teacher, Lisa R who spent time going through the pattern with me yesterday.  THANK YOU!! 

This Jeremy Mouse will join Tiptoes, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot in the Grade 2 classroom today.

I really do believe that stories come to life in a new way and touch us in a different place in our hearts when we have little props.  Whether you call them puppets, dolls, figures or your own descriptions does not matter.  

When I get a little time, I am going to try the Story Eggs that Karen made so beautifully.   I hit a great sale at Casey’s Wood Products in the summer and stocked up on eggs.  They are just waiting to meet up with the wood burner I got for Mother’s Day! 

Stay tuned for more figures from the Tiptoes stories — follow her on Facebook and at her website for new stories!

Wednesday, 10/26/2011  —  I just have to add this photo of the stack of amazing Thank You notes I received from the Grade 2 Class!    So SWEET!! 

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