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Happy New Year!

We welcomed the new year quietly at home this year.  I got Suzanne Down’s, Juniper Tree newsletter on Thursday that shared a neat idea of making a blessing cake.  I know, I know, who needs more sweets!?!  But I grabbed my Laurel’s Kitchen and found a wonderful gingerbread and pound cake recipe that could handle my freshly ground whole wheat.   I made both as cupcakes and shared bags of them with neighbors as a happy new year’s wish and then in 3 of the cupcakes, I put a blessing stone. 

It was really pretty easy.  I wrote on the stones with a sharpie (green didn’t show up very well, but red did fine) and then wrapped each stone tightly in foil.   In the cupcake cup, I put a spoon of batter, dropped in the stone and then covered with batter.   This seems like a nice way to do the surprises in cakes to ensure everyone gets a treasure.

We read the story about Jack and his blessing cake from Juniper Tree on Saturday and then again on Sunday before our treat time.  The story mentioned Jack’s excitement at being able to read his blessing stone himself this year.  It seemed so appropriate to have the Blessing Cake with the stones this year since Ivie could read the words herself.  And she did. 

What will 2012 hold for us?  What messages from magic stones will we carry through this year?

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