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Michaelmas week in Grade 3 waldorf

In my daughter’s class, families take turns bringing in flowers or greenery each week.  I signed up for Michaelmas week because I thought it would be fun to send in a dragon-looking Bird of Paradise flower and that it would pair well with my first transparency. 

I’ve seen so many beautiful transparencies in books and on pinterest and I’m thinking they would make good use of the stack of beautifully colored tissue paper that is overflowing my shelf.   I looked for a transparency that relied more on the cardstock thinking it would be sturdier for my first try.  So I decided to model this Michaelmas transparency from crunchy family rising for my first venture into this form. 

The flower will continue to open this week as the class prepares for their special grade 3 dance presentation at the school Michaelmas celebration this Friday.   Hopefully this Michaelmas transparency will enjoy hanging out in a sunny window in the grade 3 classroom. 

I have plans for a light box and many more tissue paper ‘drawings’ to come! 

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