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The Kind Mousie

 There once was a cobbler

And he was so wee

That he lived in a hole

In a very big tree.

He had a kind neighbor,

And she was a mouse –

She did his wee washing

And tidied his house.


Each morning at seven

He heard a wee tap,

And in came the mouse

In her apron and cap.

She lighted his fire

And she fetched his wee broom,

And she swept and she polished

His little Tree-room.


To take any wages

She’d always refuse,

So the cobbler said “Thank you!”

And mended her shoes;

The owl didn’t eat her,

And even the cat

Said “I would never catch

A kind mousie like that!”

-By Natalie Joan

I first heard this story in Morning Garden, the parent/toddler program offered at our local Waldorf school.  My daughter was just one and we were new to Waldorf parenting.  I had always been a reader, but I struggled with the thought of making up stories for my daughter.  I was so grateful when I read somewhere that there was value in a memorized story as well.  THANK GOODNESS!   The poem stuck with me from our sessions of Morning Garden, but I was very pleased to see Kind Mousie included in A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme.

With just a snip and a couple of stitches, your Jeremy Mouse marionette can easily become the main character in a Kind Mousie puppet play.   (Jeremy Mouse tutorial is at https://joygrows.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/tiptoes-and-jeremy-mouse-marionette-puppet-tutorials/)

I went with the quick and easy costume based on supplies I had handy.  Sometime last year, I bought a scrap bag of silk from Waldorf Supplies.  The scrap of white would do just fine for an apron and cap.   I was glad to have silk for the apron since the body was silk and it would help maintain the airy quality of the puppet. 

I originally thought I’d make some sort of dust cap with elastic, but then I decided a cap that tied on behind the ears would work fine too. 

I used a running stitch to attach a piece of ribbon to the silk and pulled it into a bit of a gather before knotting.  Then I folded my oval-ish piece of silk. 

I think the cleverest part of this get-up is looping the apron ribbon in the cap tie.  It keeps the apron from accidentally sliding down.

With toggling posts between Joy Grows and We Bloom Here, we have posted lots of goodies over the past 2 weeks.  We hope you have enjoyed the tutorials, ideas and stories.  We look forward to continuing our puppet making conversation with you in our puppet swap.   

©rw 2012


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