with light and love

I had another opportunity to spend some time with Grade 2.  I came prepared.  I had 30 plastic eggs coated with coconut oil, 6 bottles of glue, tons of newspapers, tissue paper and the little stainless bowls my mom gave me (don’t tell her I use them for crafts).  

Last spring, Ivie and I had tried our hand at the paper mache egg instructions from Rhythm of the Home.  This clear and straightforward tutorial is very easy to follow.   So, if I can make paper mache eggs with one kid, then why not 22? 

They really did a great job!

I took the eggs home to dry.  On the 3rd day, I painted each egg with a coat of mod podge.  It made the eggs sturdier and helped unify the look.  Each kid would get an egg to take home on the day we left for spring break.  

After a couple more days, I cut the eggs open and added the little lip (see ROH tutorial) that helps the eggs close.  I delivered the eggs to our class teacher and when each child opened their egg, they found a spring bunny as a surprise. 

Happy Spring!

© rw 2012


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