with light and love

I have quite a few photos to share to catch you all up with swaps & Craft Hope projects I’ve participated in since my September 16th post.  In October, I participated in a speciality swap with a fairy tale theme.  In this swap folks are paired and the items made are bigger and more involved that the smaller multi-person swaps.  We were introduced to the story “Mashenka and the Bear” a few years ago and we love it still.  It has a great rhyme and flow.  I made a Mashenka doll, a wooden bear, mushrooms, strawberries and a lovely brown cake to go on the top of Mashenka in the basket. 

and then I participated in an Advent swap with Bits of Goodness.  I made little treasure boxes with a painted ladybug, shell and a wooden star. 

and then I participated in a Stocking Stuffer swap with Bits of Goodness and made these cute (but really easy) Dala horses.

and then I sent three monkeys to join in Craft Hope’s project 15

and then I sent a few polar bears for a Winter Nature Table swap. 

and then I participated in a 1:1 winter swap through Four Seasons Exchange. 

and then I participated in a Valentine swap with Natural Suburbia.  I used Linda’s wonderful bow & arrow for the Cupid finger puppet. 

and then for the Bits of Goodness Valentine swap I sent 6 of the Valentine Mobile’s from All Year Round.

and then I sent a group of these little Guardians of the Forest finger puppets for a Tree themed Bits of Goodness swap.   Instructions for the knitted finger puppets are found in The Children’s Year

and now, I’m just mailing off some backpacks for Craft Hope’s newest project, the littlest warriors.  I used the backpack tutorial from Mama Urchin


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