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Well, we are not having a Shepherds’ Play at WSA this year, but I have found a wonderful story to use at home with our new nativity figures.   All Year Round has a sweet story on page 301 called The Little Lamb (an advent story for children between four and ten years).   It tells the story of a young shepherd who goes out searching for a lost lamb and encounters a lady with a deep blue cloak and red gown who is preparing her son for his journey to Bethlehem. 

Lindsey got some great shepherd photos the other day.


Remember, we promised one of these cute guys to you . . .

 We are going to giveaway of one of our shepherd figures and his little lamb.   Just leave a comment here on this blog before Sunday, December 18th when we will draw the name of our lucky winner. 

Best of luck!

And the winner is . . . Cambre Hogoboom

cambre hogoboom said:

Hello and Thanks. My daughter has only two things on her x-mas list this year: some corduroy to make a dress like Mama’s and a Nativity set. Sweet, huh? She would LOVE this shepherd:)


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Comments on: "Shepherds’ story & giveaway announcement" (25)

  1. These look wonderful!

  2. they look so beautiful, so innocent looking. Definitely not a shepherd that would cry wolf.

  3. domestic diva said:

    Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

  4. These shepherds are beautiful! We would love to welcome one into our home.

  5. I didn’t know you had a blog! Love, love your dolls ~ so beautifully crafted. I look forward to perusing some more posts!

  6. Those are so sweet. Thank you for the chance to win!

  7. crystal ridgway said:

    Your shephards are amazing. My children would love to add him to our nature table. Please enter me in your drawing. Cryway2 at yahoo dot com. Thank you

  8. Beautiful work!

  9. I love these shephards. Beautiful. Great work. And such a generous offer.

  10. liebchenhut said:

    Oh, we would love to welcome one of these shepherds to our flock! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  11. Thank you for the giveaway, they are beautiful…

  12. Beautiful – would love to add it to our home!

  13. These are wonderful 🙂 My boys would love to win a shepherd. I have plans to make a nativity set for next year.

  14. Elizabeth Thompson said:

    So beautiful! Thanks for this wonderful chance to bring beauty into the home!

  15. Daphne Osell said:

    They are really lovely. What a project you have taken on! I’d love to welcome one, and maybe it could be a part of a classroom next year 🙂

  16. Brooke Fraser said:

    Oh – I have just the place for a sweet little shepherd! Crossing fingers that we are blessed with one! Such lovely work Rhonda – as usual.

  17. oh these are beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway. =)

  18. Beautiful! What love and sweetness here. Lindsey sent me over. I have a Shepard and don’t want to take a chance away from anyone who does not. Keep stitching Mama! Warm regards, Lisa

  19. Ooooh! I love these! We also have the perfect spot ;). Do we get extra brownie points for sharing and liking? ;). Seriously though, just so beautiful.

  20. Joshua Gartland said:

    We should have a Shepherds Play next year! I’m all in…who else?

  21. Selina Gallo-Cruz said:

    Couldn’t be more beautiful that these are made with some wool (and also cotton?)- from the sweet little animals that grzed on the hills these little figurines represent. My husband grew up shepharding sheep and goats and the Cruz family feels a special affinity for the image of the shephard at the holidays. So sweet…

  22. cambre hogoboom said:

    Hello and Thanks. My daughter has only two things on her x-mas list this year: some corduroy to make a dress like Mama’s and a Nativity set. Sweet, huh? She would LOVE this shepherd:)

    • Cambre, my daughter just drew your name out of the bowl of entries! please contact me today so I can get this in the mail to you Monday morning. I need your address.

  23. I love these sweet shepherds and I love the little lamb.

  24. Monika Klein said:

    Oh, those are beautiful, we would love to win one 🙂

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