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Tiptoes for our class

In Ivie’s Grade 1 year, her teacher asked that children bring in a copy of a favorite book to give to the classroom on their birthday.  For Ivie, it was an easy selection – – – TIPTOES!  http://www.tiptoes-lightly.net/ 

Well of course, her class was enchanted by the stories, so when the end of school came around we gave her teacher 2 doll figures to have when she told the stories:  Pine Cone and Pepper Pot.

Now we are in Grade 2 and the stories are still a favorite with the kids.  Our teacher bought more of the books over the summer, and she also asked me about getting some of the other characters from the stories.  A couple of weeks ago we gave her a Tiptoes marionette which now hangs in the classroom.

Next I needed to make a Jeremy Mouse.  I had made mice before, but they had been the sewn ones from Feltcraft.  I needed my Jeremy to be upright and I loved the one Sara made that was posted on Tiptoes website.   One problem:  while I have knitted a few things, most of what I have done was in classes.  I had not read a pattern like this on my own.   I needed help.  Well a big thanks goes to our kind handwork teacher, Lisa R who spent time going through the pattern with me yesterday.  THANK YOU!! 

This Jeremy Mouse will join Tiptoes, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot in the Grade 2 classroom today.

I really do believe that stories come to life in a new way and touch us in a different place in our hearts when we have little props.  Whether you call them puppets, dolls, figures or your own descriptions does not matter.  

When I get a little time, I am going to try the Story Eggs that Karen made so beautifully.   I hit a great sale at Casey’s Wood Products in the summer and stocked up on eggs.  They are just waiting to meet up with the wood burner I got for Mother’s Day! 

Stay tuned for more figures from the Tiptoes stories — follow her on Facebook and at her website for new stories!

Wednesday, 10/26/2011  —  I just have to add this photo of the stack of amazing Thank You notes I received from the Grade 2 Class!    So SWEET!! 

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  1. […] tales.   Thanks to some quick crafting, she is able to tell the stories with the help of  puppets.   Ivie’s basket on Sunday morning will have 3 new Tiptoes books – Eggs for the […]

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