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Puppets completed!

It was late last night when I added the flowers to her hair, but all four main characters are done!  Three of the 4 scenes are done with the last curtain to be completed early next week.  We will also construct the hard set (to hang the curtain) next week. 

The Faerie Hall is made from a light purple curtain with emerald green wool faerie silhouettes.  Here is the Faerie Hall that Elizabeth made:

 The story text says “They stroked the cat, they milked the cow, they fed each chick and hen.” and then “She tracked past horse and cow and hen.”  Here is the Farmyard scene that Ivie wants to hang in her room after the puppet show:

Here is the young Child of Faerie and Child of Earth.  They will have their official pre-show publicity photo made on Tuesday.  Thanks Lindsey

And then we have the old friends meeting on a bench while autumn leaves fall around them:

Here is a full shot of the older couple.  It kind of reminds me of the scenes in When Harry Met Sally

We have just 2 weeks till we do the show for our families on Oct 30 and then just a couple more till we do the show for WSA’s Holiday Fair.   Even after spending so much time working on the dolls, I have not grown tired of the story – – – Child of Faerie, Child of Earth by Jane Yolen. 

I’ll add the Dusk Scene photo to this post next week.

Wednesday, Oct 19:  Kristin did an amazing job on the Dusk Scene! 

Fred did a great job on the stands for the curtain sets.  The 2 stands are 50″ tall.  This will allow for the curtains to hang just to reach a small riser (crates covered with black cloth).   The stands and the curtain rod are separate pieces which makes for easier set-up and break-down. 

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! These are gorgeous!!! I love Child of Faerie Child of Earth. I must have read it to my daughter a thousand times, and you have captured the characters perfectly! I am amazed and awed by your talent. Thank you for sharing these pictures! Again, WOW!!!!!!!!!

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