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Making items for others

I’ve hooked up with a few groups this summer:

I joined Craft Hope and sent 10 stocking for their Christmas in Dixie Project

I joined a Sending Love Heart Swap through Natural Surburbia and sent a heart bag, a journal, a gnome page-hugger bookmark (inspired by Wee Folk Art ) and a rose quartz wrapped in a vintage rose hankie.


And for Bits of Goodness, I participated in the Summer Swap.  I sent my Famous Frogs and some cool birds from a Myrtle & Eunice pattern. 

And the Rainbow Swap.  I sent the rainbow and the pot of gold (gold is beeswax balm).

And the Fall Nature Table Swap.  I sent bunnies and carrots. 

And the Halloween Swap. I sent bats. 

And the Mermaids Swap.  I combined 2 doll patterns on this to make an easier mermaid. 

I’ve also joined a Fairy Tale Swap through Bits of Goodness.  It is a 1:1 swap and the items are bigger and more complex as compared to our usual ‘bits’ for the group swaps.   I’ve picked out a story and started working on the figures so that my partner will be able to tell the story to her kids with beautiful table puppets as illustrations. 

Swaps are a great way to use up materials, meet folks from all over the world and I receive items back that are beautiful and lovingly made! 

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Comments on: "Making items for others" (4)

  1. Hi Rhonda. I posted about your swap items here http://www.karmama.ca/2011/09/sending-love-heart-swap.html.

    I really hope you get your package soon!

  2. What a fun crafting season you’ve had!! I too took part in craft hope. My MOMS club made 41 stockings!! It felt so good to be part of such a great cause!! 🙂 I love your little bat and hope that we get one in the Halloween swap!! I made little owls! 🙂



    • Oh Hallie, your wood items are such an inspiration! I actually went out & bought myself a wood burner tool for my family to give me for Mother’s Day. I’m just not steady and surehanded yet. I just barely managed to put the year and my initials on the bottom of the feet of a doll I made in the Fairytale Specality Swap. I hope you got a bat in the Halloween swap. We got a cute one from Brynn with a button. I’m definitely saving that for the Switch Witch to leave on halloween night. I’m the only person I know in my area doing Craft Hope, but I have a bag of socks ready to turn to monkeys!

  3. […] share to catch you all up with swaps & Craft Hope projects I’ve participated in since my September 16th post.  In October, I participated in a speciality swap with a fairy tale theme.  In this swap […]

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