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Puppet Progress

They are not finished, but I just want to give you a peek at this photogenic crew! 

The clothes are just pinned on (benefit of working with dolls over people) and the grey roving hair is not sewed yet.  I have just been so eager to see the 2 couples.  Look inside Child of Faerie, Child of Earth and see how convincing these guys are as the young and older versions of the main characters. 

The doll heads are the basic “waldorf” formed heads that are illustrated in many books, but the clothes come from my treasured copy of Kinder Dolls.    It is worth hunting for this book, just for the chapter on making doll clothes! 

So watch for the finished puppets soon and then I can start wrapping my head around making the set.   Remember, these puppets will make their public appearance at the Waldorf School of Atlanta Holiday Fair on November 12.  Mark your calendars!  

ok, ok, just one more peek

This is going to be a great puppet show!


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Comments on: "Puppet Progress" (2)

  1. I love the story “Child of Faery, Child of Earth.” It’s one of my favorites!

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