with light and love

The school year has begun!  No matter the number on the outside thermometer, summer is over and we have some  preparations to work on for our Fall Eve Group activities.   There are 10 weeks till our October 30 puppet show.  We have had some exciting developments over the summer.   We are honored to be able to offer repeat performances of our Oct 30 show on November 12 at the Waldorf School of Atlanta Holiday Fair. 

As you know, we will be performing Child of Faerie, Child of Earth by Jane Yolen.  We will have puppets of the 4 main characters, the young and old aspects of the Child of Faerie and the Child of Earth.  The young versions will be marionettes and the seniors will be full dolls (pose-able wire bodies) that are seated on a bench.

In thinking about performing our show for a larger audience, I realized I needed a bit bigger puppets.  My original 7″ tall dolls would not work.  So I began working on bigger – – –  still with fun hair.

Meet the heads of the 2 younger characters.

I have some ideas about the staging and will post much more on the creation of these puppets soon!

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