with light and love

The Journey that began last December with Lindsey continues now through the summer.  All 19 Nativity dolls have heads on their shoulders.  Mary even has a rough cut out of her ride.

I know you are wondering about the fabric at the doll’s ankles.  Well, it is their sewn hands … or at least the skin.  I’ve used many different shades of skin fabric and needed a clever way to keep the hand skin attached to the matching face skin.  No clever way came to mind, so I just used a safety-pin. 

I have also added to my nativity story collection.  The Donkey’s Dream by Barbara Helen Berger is a sweet nativity story told from the viewpoint of the donkey that Mary rides to Bethlehem.  The book however, does not name the man or the lady who rides on the donkey or the city where they are headed.   Leaving off the labels and the declarative pronunciations about the characters in the story leaves space open for the reader/listener of the story to fill in blanks or not.  In the Author’s Note, BHB goes on to explain some of the symbols that Mary shares with the “great mother.”  I love, love, love that this information is included at the end and not in the body of the story.   I’ve had the DeKalb library’s copy for over a month, but I will return it as soon as my copy arrives from amazon.

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