with light and love

Summer Solstice 2011

We are celebrating Mid Summer at home this year.  So last night we set out a small collection of treats — fresh picked blackberries,  some cucumber cubes from Dad’s garden and a magnolia leaf saucer full of juice out for the fairies in a special fairy circle under the magnolia tree.  We knew they would be hungry and parched after their MidSummer Eve party.  

This morning Ivie found a beautiful crystal in her slipper.  They say that the Fairy Queen leaves a jewel from her crown in gratitude for the refreshments. 

On both the Eve and on the Solstice, we read the story Twelve Wild Swans from Circle Round  and this morning we found a beautiful swan flying in our dining room.   The swan has a magical quality to Ivie because she knows that I didn’t make it.  This particular MidSummer magic came through my partner, Kat in the Bird Exchange with We Bloom Here.  THANKS Kat! 

Happy Solstice everyone!  Many blessings to those celebrating the longest day and to our friends celebrating the longest night!


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