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I’m still playing catch-up with the blog on the EVE group events and notes.  We are meeting tomorrow to plan and share ideas for Summer 2011, so it is a nice time to remember the outstanding event we had on the Summer Solstice 2010 at the Oakhurst Garden.    Traveling back in time one year . . .

I’m so excited about our event.  Have you met Andrea?   She will lead us in our sun-seed craft and have her paints so everyone can get a sun painted on faces, arms and maybe even a little sun for mommies painted on a foot or calf!  It is mid-summer, the perfect time to let our hair down! 

I’m going to bring the supplies for all the kids to make a paper sun fan and we will have lots of goodies made from summer fruits.  We will have access to the kitchen and can put our popsicles and other goodies in the freezer/fridge.  BYO-water bottles and cloth napkins.  We do have to pay to rent the Oakhurst Garden, I will put out a little jar at our event if you’d like to contribute to that cost. 

The story line I’m thinking is that on this the shortest night/longest day of the year is when the fairies come out at night and have their midsummer party.   (recommend: Elsa Beskow’s The Flower’s Festival  Since our kids will not be staying up till dark when the fairies come out for their party, we would like to leave some treats (offerings for the garden) for the fairies to enjoy after their dancing and frolicking.   Festivals Family and Food pg 53 tells that on midsummer the children leave these treats for the fairies and then the next morning they go back to the garden to find the fairies have left them a jewel from a fairy crown as a thank-you.  

I will bring the fairy treats for the children to place in the garden:  small pieces of fruit and nuts and some special tea that will be placed on magnolia leaf plates and in eggshell cups.  Since Andrea is a garden fairy and knows all the favorite fairy spots in the garden, she will  lead the kids on the placement of their offerings.   (with the hint that the fairies will be so grateful for these treats)  I will secretly have some crystals that I will pass out to the moms to leave under pillows or in shoes or by breakfast plates for the children to find the next morning.   So sweet!   


Our rental agreement for the Oakhurst Garden allows us to set-up 30 min before our event, so I plan to get there around 2:30, drop off popsicles in the freezer and head back behind the office and to the right.  There is a new outdoor table area under some trees.   The area was dedicated in memory of my dear friend Lylia and is called Lylia’s Tea Party.  She was a true believer in the fairies & I’m sure she will love our celebration of midsummer! 


-ps- I’ve included friends who are out of town on this Eve email.  Hopefully, you will find some fairies where you are! 

Midsummer Night
The sun goes down,
The stars peep out,
And long slim shadows
Flit about.
In velvet shoes
The quiet dark
Comes stepping soft
O’er wood and park
And now the world
Is fast asleep;
And fays and elves
Their revels keep.
They fly on the backs of the grey-winged moths,
They skim on the dragon-flies green and gold
On shimmering dew-wet grass they alight,
Tiny petal-skirts whirl, gauzy wings unfold.
The fairies are dancing beneath the moon
Hush!  See the shimmer of their twinkling shoon!  
By Elizabeth Gould.  Printed in Festivals Family and Food pg 51

Thanks Kristin for the photos of our Mid Summer event.  It was a very magical day!  Andrea, our garden fairy was absolutely perfect on leading the children around the garden for the optimal “fairy snack” placements.   The next morning every child found a beautiful crystal had magically appeared at their home.  My kid was thrilled with this gesture of gratitude from the fairies.   We were not overt with a message, but I think we all were reminded that taking care of the Earth Fairies is a duty that is always rewarded. 

I’m looking forward to what we plan for 2011 as a family or for the group!


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