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Odd number of heads

It is early April and we have 19 formed heads for our Journey to Bethlehem project.

Let’s do the math:  2 Marys, 2 Josephs, 6 Wise Men,6 Shepherds, 2 Angels = 18.  Why the extra?  Lindsey & I have decided to share a doll with you by having a give-away to celebrate the completion of our project.  Watch for details as we go with the give-away probably in November.

Today’s work is to sew as many of the skin (hands & heads) as possible.  My sister is reclaiming her sewing machine. 

I knew I shouldn’t have bonded with a machine that wasn’t mine.  It was just sooo easy to use!  I’m taking the much nicer, heavy-duty machine I have to the shop for a tune-up tomorrow.  Hopefully after a thorough checkup, it will run smoothly with my limited sewing machine knowledge.   After finally getting to the point where I could thread, run and tinker with the easy machine without the manual, I hate going back to a place where I know nothing.    I imagine we all like being in the know and feel vulnerable going into unfamiliar territory. 

Well, it is all part of the journey.


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