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Egg Hunt 2011

notes about our upcoming EVE event:

Spring Egg Hunt                                                                                         Saturday April 23 at 2pm

Since the Spring Equinox on March 20 we have been celebrating new life, renewal, rebirth and the magic hare who lays the egg of life.  However your family holds the spring experience – whether with flowers or earthworms or new clothes to celebrate a renewal of our outer appearance – feel free to bring that mood with you to our Egg Hunt.  (we may pull out our bonnets!) 

Here is how I see our event happening . . .  We all arrive about 2pm at Jen’s.  We take a couple of minutes to warm up to each other and enjoy a little snack.  Then we will all pick up a bird seed packet and line up on the driveway.  We will walk around the outer perimeter of the front yard spreading our seeds around.  At each directional point, a grownup will read a little thanks for the blessings of nature.  After the end of the line has completed the circle, a grownup will read the “Oh, Lucky Rabbit” lines below.  (excerpted from Circle Round)

Welcome, powers of the east!  Bright dawn of spring, we welcome you!   Take our gifts of seed and grain and give us clear sight for the celebration ahead!  Blessed be the east!

Welcome, powers of the south!  Bright blaze of the sun at the sky’s midpoint, take our gifts!  We give thanks for your fire and for the heat within us that helps us grow!  Blessed be the south!

Welcome, powers of the west!  Beauty of the twilight, mystery of the setting sun, we call you!  Accept our gifts, help us greet each other in love and generosity on this day of abundance!  Blessed be the west!

Welcome, powers of the north!  Strength of bone, power of muscle, we welcome you!  Please take these seeds, help them find a place to grow or a hungry mouth to feed!  Be with us as we search for the treasures of the earth!  Blessed be the north! 

We also honor the celestial heavens above, the rich deep of our planet earth and the potent power of the present in which we find our true connection. 

“Oh, Lucky Rabbit of Spring, your gifts are all around us.  We catch glimpses of you through waving grasses, we see you bounding through the meadows, always just out of reach.  We ask you to reveal your blessings now, to help us on our search for spring’s treasure in this garden.  May we all get enough and not too much; may we share what we have with each other; may we remember the abundance and generosity of the Mother, in this season and all others.  Blessed be. “   

Then we will head to the back yard for the egg hunt.  When a child finds 3 eggs, they can then help another child find 3 or they can head over to deck to wait (shouldn’t take long).   When all children have found 3 eggs, we will thank the directions for all the gifts of spring and close our ritual.   Then we will gather our things and head to our cars with the sacredness of our shared ritual inside our hearts. 


ACTION ITEMS:         

  • RSVP Rhonda before Monday, April 18
  • fill 3 plastic egg shells with non-edible treasures per child and deliver them to Jen by Friday, April 22.  (ideas:  block crayons, painted wood eggs, mini peg dolls, beads/string, pretty crystal, needle felt bunny or chick, call me & we can brainstorm) 
  • Bring your own water bottles and a little snack to share on Saturday, April 23.  If your birthday is in an odd month, please bring fruit; if your birthday is in an even month, please bring cheese.  Jen is making hot cross buns to share. 


(c) 2011 rhonda wildman.


Comments on: "Egg Hunt 2011" (2)

  1. Sounds like a fun time is going to be had, cheers Marie

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