with light and love

We celebrate the birth

Lindsey & I are not  meeting this week, so stay tuned after spring break for some great photos from Linden Tree Photography of our nativity doll parts.   I have a bag full of heads and am working on the scale of the body.  Those of you that know me (and love me anyway), know that I tend to alter every pattern I work with.   I’m starting with the summer couple in the Nature Corner

Well, I thought I’d take a minute today and poke around at an answer to why we celebrate this birth.  And by ‘we’ I’m only speaking for my family – me, Fred & Ivie. 

I spent many years ‘doing Christmas’.  Looking back I can see that as an adult, I made attempts to establish meaningful traditions.  As a young 20-something, I delved into baking.   My goal was to make pumpkin bread for all my friends and family.  I had a lot of friends and a tiny apartment that soon filled with bread.   One year I decorated sweatshirts for my sisters & mom.  They wore them long enough for a photo and never again.   I kept trying. 

So time passes on and I find myself pregnant during the Advent/Christmas season.  I’m learning about waiting now!  I’m getting a taste of the joy of expectation.   I literally embodied waiting for the advent of a new life. 

That first Christmas with Ivie was a blur – – – my life was nursing, diapers and no sleep.  By her second Christmas, we started formulating some family traditions.  That was when we started doing the trail of stars for Mary over Advent and the 12-days journey of the Wise Men through Epiphany.  Something about spreading out this celebration over many weeks feels so much better than the one day wham of a day. 

Once Ivie started preschool, we picked up on the celebrations typically done in Waldorf schools.  Adding  the Lantern Walk in November when the children treasure their inner light as we move into the darker time of the year flowed so easily into our Mary’s journey to the birth of the son who would share his light and teach others to share their lights.   The Advent Spiral showed us all so beautifully how each small light added together makes for an illumination in the room and in our hearts. 

So I guess part of the reason we are making this investment of time and energy into crafting nativity dolls is because the story we tell with them fits so nicely with our entire collection of narratives for the fall/winter season of the year.


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