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Spring Equinox 2010

So in 2010, the Spring Equinox and the Western Christian Easter were much closer (seems like just a few days apart) than 2011.  In Spring 2010 the Eve Group held our first family gathering, an Egg Hunt and Bunny Blessing.  I want to post the notes from 2010 before I launch into descriptions of our 2011 activities. 

Spring Egg Hunt and Bunny Blessing                                               Monday, March 22, 2010 at 3:30pm

Ritual text excerpted from Circle Round by Starhawk, Diane Baker & Anne Hill

Eostar, the Spring Equinox, (March 21) day and night are equal and balanced. The Spring Equinox is the birthday of the earth. And she is the magic hare who lays the egg of life.

Here is how I see our event happening . . .  We all arrive about 3:30 at Angela’s.  We take a couple of minutes to warm up to each other and get a little snack.  Then we will all get our baskets and line up on the path to the back-back yard.  (we will place in each basket a little bag of flower/bird seed for each child to use as a gift to the garden).   We will walk around the outer perimeter of the hunt area spreading our seeds/meal around.  At each directional point, a grownup will say a little thanks for the blessings of nature.  After the end of the line has completed the circle, a grownup will say the “Oh, Lucky Rabbit” lines below. 

Welcome, powers of the east!  Bright dawn of spring, we welcome you!   Take our gifts of seed and grain and give us clear sight for the celebration ahead!  Blessed be the east!

Welcome, powers of the south!  Bright blaze of the sun at the sky’s midpoint, take our gifts!  We give thanks for your fire and for the heat within us that helps us grow!  Blessed be the south!

Welcome, powers of the west!  Beauty of the twilight, mystery of the setting sun, we call you!  Accept our gifts, help us greet each other in love and generosity on this day of abundance!  Blessed be the west!

Welcome, powers of the north!  Strength of bone, power of muscle, we welcome you!  Please take these seeds, help them find a place to grow or a hungry mouth to feed!  Be with us as we search for the treasures of the earth!  Blessed be the north! 

Up, down and center = Elaine

“Oh, Lucky Rabbit of Spring, your gifts are all around us.  We catch glimpses of you through waving grasses, we see you bounding through the meadows, always just out of reach.  We ask you to reveal your blessings now, to help us on our search for spring’s treasure in this garden.  May we all get enough and not too much; may we share what we have with each other; may we remember the abundance and generosity of the Mother, in this season and all others.  Blessed be. “   

When a child finds 3 eggs, they can then help another child find 3 or they can head over to the path to wait (shouldn’t take long).   When all children have found 3 eggs, we will bring out the bunny crate & Elaine will do the Bunny Blessing and thank the directions for all the gifts of spring.   Then we will gather our things and head to our cars with the sacredness of our shared ritual inside our hearts.


The sweet bunnies who as newborns had lost their home and siblings to a tractor, were ready to go and live in the world.    A circle of children with hands outstretched, all sent them their best wishes as we released the bunnies to nature.

This material is copyrighted.  You may not use or alter any part of this material without the express written permission of Rhonda Wildman.


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