with light and love

After much planning and gathering of at least enough supplies to get started with the heads, Lindsey and I met for our first dollmaking session on Wednesday, March 2nd. 

With at least 18 dolls to make, we started just plugging away on the inner heads.  You know that is the hardest, least exciting part.   Starting with making the perfect crown for the 2nd wise man or the fun fuzzy vest for a shepherd would almost guarantee a nativity table with headless figures (maybe could use that on halloween). 

So the inner heads in general are fairly forgiving.  The skin does a bit of shaping and hair/hats really add to the expression of small doll heads.   So perfection at this point is not needed.  Except for Mary.  At almost the exact same synchronous moment, Lindsey and I both said that  “Mary has to be pretty.”

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Comments on: "Our first dollmaking session" (1)

  1. Can’t wait to work on this project with you!!

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