with light and love

I have loads of books with doll patterns.  I have tons of wool, skin fabric and a huge spool of my famous dollmaking thread.  I have made enough and taught classes in making ‘waldorf style’ dolls that I knew I could just quietly work on these dolls and pull them out next December for our family to enjoy the final product. 

But I had a feeling that the process here was important too.   What things would I discover on a journey to Bethlehem?  What would I learn about myself and my beliefs along the way? 

No question about it, having a buddy for dollmaking is more fun.  Especially when making a doll you have not made before.  The company, the camaraderie and sometimes just the support is ever so helpful.   Would anyone want to take on this dollmaking journey with me?   Maybe someone in the EVE group would be up to this. 

In spring 2010, I organized a group of parents who meet on the eve of each season to share ideas about celebrating the seasons through story, song, food, ritual and craft.  Our ‘EVE” group meets as adults to plan and share and then when it makes sense, we have family activities.  (I’ll post more on EVE soon.) 

I sent the email out to my group and one brave soul responded:  Lindsey.   She had already made two of the weighted millet dolls with me for her kids and I knew we could work well together.   The wonderful bonus is that Lindsey is a very talented photographer.  So look for some great photos of our dollmaking by Lindsey at Linden Tree Photography!

This material is copyrighted.  You may not use or alter any part of this material without the express written permission of Rhonda Wildman.


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